Sh*ts  & Giggles | with a side of taro & coconut cream

Is exactly as it intends to be; it’s the shits and giggles in my life, with a side of my cultural upbringing to impart what little bit of wisdom I may have developed over the years.

A Samoan female, on the cusp of turning 30, born in New Zealand & raised by two Samoan parents – one born in Samoa and the other in New Zealand. Both with different upbringings but the same common ground;

Culture | Love | God | Humour | Discipline | Music | Food | Art

I moved to Australia in 2012 where I reside with my Tongan partner of 6+ years (it’s a bit awkward to still call him my ‘boyfriend’)

Update: He’s now my fiancé as of Sept.17th 2016 lol

To say that I’ve lived a life of leisure & exciting travels, including skinny dipping in the amazon river or free falling off the side of a building in Abu Dhabi is definitely far from the truth.

I’m an ordinary girl with some pretty inauthentic thoughts and ideas but I love to laugh at my own misfortune and enjoy a good yarn here and there about the philosophies of life and questioning religion or discussing the importance of whether to order a big mac with extra mac sauce or a quarter pounder with mayo.

Selfishly I’m doing this for me and selflessly I’m hoping someone will accidentally come across this and surprisingly enjoy it

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Fa’afetai Lava

(‘Thanks’, in Samoan)


    1. Hey there, thanks for commenting / visiting🙂 I’m two months into this blog thing & so far I’ve survived the first time jitters lol. Will keep an eye out for more posts from you! x


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